art for those who crave something unique!

Erb Memorial Union Mural Proposal

Art Opportunity at Erb Memorial Union Submitted by Celeste Schield Jacobi Mural proposal focusing on a diverse and i...

"Beautiful Confusion"

The rhythm of nature is a force to behold. Taking in all of the beauty, mystery and sorrow it offers to us. It is wh...


What does two days of magic with my husband look like? Adventure and creativity are a huge part of that. While six y...

Ballerina Bee

The welcoming sight and sound of a bee buzzing through my garden is when I know Spring has arrived. These lovely maid...

The Challenge of Staying Creative in our Busy Lives.

We all know the scenario, you wake up and immediately you have all the "to-do" tasks on your mind. Our lives are beco...

Persian Armor Seahorse

  How peculiar these creatures are. So small and delicate with intricate exoskeletons that an engineer or an archite...
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