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The Challenge of Staying Creative in our Busy Lives.

We all know the scenario, you wake up and immediately you have all the "to-do" tasks on your mind. Our lives are becoming more occupied and complex. Each one of us has our own reasons why that is. The list can be LONG......

  1. Demanding Job(s)
  2. Child Care
  3. Sick Parents
  4. Personal Ailments 
  5. Etc...

But are there places where you can carve out even 15-30 minutes of YOU TIME? Even giving yourself a few minutes to do what you love, especially in the mornings before you start helping others, can improve your mood for the day. Take time to create, ponder, go for a walk, practice yoga, bake, read, write or just anything that doesn't bring stress into your life. What if we all started practicing this each day? For those of you who have already done this please share your experience on how it has changed your life. 

I am guilty of this, I have not been able to carve out time for myself in a while and I am determined to change that this coming year. So I am writing this in the hope that we all can tap back into something we love to do and can have it be a part of our lives every day. Imagine how much more enriched our community could be. 

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