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The Art Studio

We are looking to transform this outdoor space into a partially enclosed art studio. This will allow us to create comfortably during the fall and winter and open up the space for air flow during the spring and summer. We are currently looking to locate contractors who can help with decisions and complete the project for building a wall and pouring the reminder concrete. 

We've created preliminary sketches to help in communicating what we want to achieve. The video below also addresses the sewer pipe. We believe it is active and will treat it as such. There is additional information about the sewer at the bottom of the page.

We would like two separate quotes, one for pouring the concrete and the second for building out the wall. We will purchase the two windows for this job before construction begins. We have a local artisan currently building the barn doors. Thank you for your time. You can contact Celeste by phone at 541-913-2027 or by email 




Here is a video of the current state of the patio as of 4-28-2021. 



Additional information:

Type of structure? 
We have been told it may have been a parking structure for vehicles at one point. It looks like a large partially enclosed patio. The right side of the patio wall is a shared wall with the house next to us. This used to be one property until it was divided sometime in the 80's.

Lane County and it's residential.

When constructed? 

Current construction material?
Lumber and concrete.

Foundation type?
Concrete slab that is in good condition but we need more concrete filled.


Sewer information:



 Email from a city employee:

I cant tell which side of the building you’re wanting to build the concrete patio so it’s hard to say what that pipe is. But it definitely looks like a cleanout. I’ve attached a sewer connection record for your property which shows where the private sanitary sewer line is coming in from so based on that information, you should be able to determine if where you are digging is near the location of the private sanitary sewer line as shown on the attached sewer connection card.  


The private sanitary sewer piping for your property (1083 Oakway) and for 2275 Hideaway appears to be coming in from Hideaway Court and heads north onto your property. You would want to verify that what you exposed is an active line and to do that you would need to contact a plumbing contractor to help you with that.  The City does not offer that service and we can only provide you with a copy of the sanitary sewer connection record which I have attached to this email. If this is your private sanitary pipe and cleanout and it is active, you would not want to cover it with cement in case the line needs to be repaired at some point.



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