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"Ballerina Bee" - 11"x17" print - FedEx Print Pick-Up

Product image 1"Ballerina Bee" - 11"x17" print - FedEx Print Pick-Up
Product image 2"Ballerina Bee" - 11"x17" print - FedEx Print Pick-Up

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BEE-UTIFUL ART without the shipping cost. Pick-up at your local FedEx print shop. 

  1. Bring home this Ballerina Bee by visiting your local FedEx store.
  2. Simply place your order and you will be contacted, through email or text, to ensure the print is sent to your local FedEx store.
  3. FedEx will contact you for pick-up once your print(s) are ready.

*There is a white border around the artwork. The grey outline you see on the product image will not be printed.


If you would like to order more than 5 prints, click on the chat icon or send us a message on this link

The story of "Ballerina Bee"

The welcoming sight and sound of a bee buzzing through my garden is when I know Spring has arrived. These lovely maidens bring joy to my heart while watching them dance over my borage to gather golden pollen sacs on their abdomens and legs. These ladies live to work for the betterment of the hive. My fear of them has now dissipated which didn't start until a few years after I started gardening in my early 40s. I wish I had an appreciation for them earlier in life. My hope is the artwork will give the viewers time to reflect upon the beautiful balance bees bring into our natural cycle. 

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