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"Dreamscape" - OILS ON WOOD PANEL

Product image 1"Dreamscape" - OILS ON WOOD PANEL
Product image 2"Dreamscape" - OILS ON WOOD PANEL

Regular price $6,000.00

  • Oils on wood panel
  • The art is completed but will need varnishing and the frame assembled in June of 2023. 
  • You can view the frame in the image below.
  • The frame is all wood and made in Mexico.
  • I will be doing some restoration to the frame.

What do two days of magic with my husband look like? Adventure and creativity are a huge part of that. While six years into being new parents, we rarely find ourselves with 72 hours alone. Even 4 hours alone was hard to come by. When we visited family in Southern California, we had loved ones we trusted with our daughter. Our adventure brought us to familiar places we enjoyed before becoming parents. We packed our drawing material and headed for the San Diego Zoo to be amused by the wildlife. An exotic flamingo grabbed my attention and I realized she needed extravagant jewelry to match her beauty. 

I wanted to take the creation further and that inspiration came to be at the Huntington Library in San Marino. The bounty of luscious gardens and well-manicured landscapes gave endless possibilities to the landscape. I water fountain and bonsai tree were the focal points I decided to incorporate into the painting. All these visual spectacles created a fulfilling time with my love for art and my love in life.  

Thank you for supporting the artwork.
Celeste Schield Jacobi

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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