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Product image 1MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 2MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 3MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 4MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 5MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 6MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament
Product image 7MOTHER AND CHILD Ornament

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This ornament is based on this art piece I created with oils on canvas for a series called HUEmens

  • 3.5" length chain
  • 1” circle pendant



This has been an elusive painting for me from the beginning. This oil on panel piece has had many variations until this piece was created. The initial painting was created on 4’x4′ canvas that I was not ready for. Yes, I was ready to paint on a piece that large but no I was not ready to paint this subject. Why? Because I was not a mother yet.

I tried my damnedest to convey the emotions a mother would feel with her child but the painting felt stale and stagnant. My painting shouted fraud so I turned it into a painting floor tarp. I decided not to revisit the painting until I was a mother. 6 years ago I became a new mother and life goes into this tailspin where you are just trying to get your bearings and bring some normalcy back into life.


Defining what Motherhood means is hard in itself. It can bring you great joy, concern, bliss, frustration, etc. There are many emotions that become wrapped up in being a mother or just a parent in general.

I wanted this painting to convey those moments of pure bliss between a parent and child that make all the chaos of the world just melt away. That moment when your child does that one gesture or says a few simple words that make you feel more vibrant than the sun. Those moments where you just sit there in awe as your child creates the grandest stories from unfettered imagination. These are delicious moments that parents can lose themselves in. Can’t wait to feast more on those moments.

Thank you for supporting the artwork. ❤️

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