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Product image 1ZULU WARRIOR LION ornament
Product image 2ZULU WARRIOR LION ornament
Product image 3ZULU WARRIOR LION ornament
Product image 4ZULU WARRIOR LION ornament

Regular price $15.00

This ornament is based on an art piece created with watercolors and ink for a series called Mythical Creatures.

  • 1”x 1” pendant
  • 3.5" length chain 

I wanted to create animals with a regal presence and having a royal headdress that spoke loudly to their personalities. The lion has been displayed many times with red velvet crowns adorned with metal and jewels. It was time to give the lion a headdress that spoke about other cultures. While looking in a medieval weapons book I had I came across Zulu Warriors. The colors and feathers instantly sealed the plan for the lion's headpiece.

Thank you for supporting the artwork. ❤️

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